Learning about Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe mountain snow

If you are planning a trip to Lake Tahoe then you might want to read the following to find out about the place itself before you start planning what you want to do while you are here.

First things first Lake Tahoe is a fresh water lake found in the Sierra Nevada range. It is the largest alpine lake in North America and also the second deepest lake in the whole of the US.

As you can imagine this lake has been around for a long time, what you may not realise is just quite how long, it’s been around for over two million years. It’s part of the Lake Tahoe Basin and the part we have now was formed all the way back in the Ice Ages. It’s pretty mad to think when you are in your hotel room looking over the lake in between reading a novel or playing about at http://www.partycasino.com/ that the Neanderthal man around at that time would have shared the same view as you. You will see once you are here that the water is extremely clear and that the views of the surrounding mountains are simply stunning.

It is therefore no wonder then that Lake Tahoe has become a popular place for tourists to visit when they are in both Nevada and California.The area surrounding the lake really does offer so much depending on the month you visit, the ski resorts in particular are very popular. But all year round people come just for the scenery, the mountains and lake are breath taking and if nature’s not your thing there are plenty of casinos where you can spend many a happy hour. Take your time browsing through our site and find out about all the great things happening in the area.

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